The Story Behind
Twisted Minds

Twisted Minds is a brain child of a duo of devoted gamers tired of breaking standard products and not being able to find anything on the market that featured the right levels of performance AND personality.

We are passionate about more than peripherals! We've used our backgrounds in Gaming and IT to push the limits of gaming-specific technology and create industry-leading products hardware such as PS5-compatible 360HZ and 2.1 Monitor - and we're always working on new products to establish the Twisted Minds name.

Whether you're an e-sports competitor pr casualweekend player, we have made Twisted Minds for YOU. Our team lives and breathes gaming then make it a reality - all while leaving a personal twists that resonate with gamers who tired of boring products and want to game in style.

We will never be a corporate giant taht more about profit than the pleasure of our players - we are and will always remain a company founded by gamers for gamers and with a startup mentality that enables us to do things differently and defiantly.

Ready to get Twisted? Then let's drop in...


The gaming peripherals market is full of products that are just so... boring! Our goal is simple and pure: create products with an artistic touch that are niche, innovative and unusual - all while providing top performance in the highest pressure suitation


We want to create products taht make people get excited. Every Twisted Minds product features niche touches and creative features taht help you stand our IRL as well as in your lobbies. We are Different and damn proud of it!


Our team is dedicated to delivering progressive, high-end gaming products that fill gaps in the market and elevate your performance. With decades of hardcore gamer experience in our team, we're confident in achieving this mission.

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